Numerology and You

Let me tell you about numerology. Numerology is a knowledge that studies numbers. It shows the connection between numbers and living objects. Nowadays people sometimes associate it with the occult, together with astrology and other resembling augury arts. It is just the next metaphysical study like astrology, or tarot or other respective science.

Of course the numbers mean a lot in our life. Our thoughts and mind can be very powerful. Like for example even when we wake up, we think of numbers (6 o' clock?), until we go to bed at(10 pm?). Also we use numbers during money transactions. We meet them during the whole day. It is hard to believe but they influence a lot on our lives.
Depending the day you were born or your name, the number gives a positive or negative influence that affects our destiny and character. (Each letter in our name has a number). The people that were born with good names and on good dates are lucky in life. Unlike those who were born with adverse names and on adverse dates who try to live each day of their life struggling with bad luck.

Let me tell you how you can use numerology in your life. First, it could give you more information about yourself. Like for example the your weak and strong sides. Numerology can effectively help you to get to know if your name has favorable vibes. If opposite, it can help you to find a name that will have favorable vibes and give you good fortune.

Also numerology could help you to find a gemstone that you can wear to hold favorable vibes and bring you success in every your beginning. Gemstones are essences that gather rays that were sent by the planets during lots of years. A special power is given to each gemstone.
If you are a very hard working and talented person but you don’t get what you want and expect, you can change it by the help of numerology. It can help you chose a proper name and a gemstone. Numerology is a science that will for sure turn around your life and will help you to find your good luck, glory and name.