Means of Numerology

The study devoted to interrelation of numerals and living entities is called Numerology. Foundation of Numerology was established by well-known scientists of old times, such as glorious Pythagoras and others. State-of-the-art Numerology incorporates the Vedas, the Kabbalah, Egyptian and Christian spiritual mystic knowledge. Here you can find basic explanation of numerology and it's core features.
Nowadays the most commonly used compilation of Numerological methods is the Pythagoras' one. In addition to numerals, this compilation includes methodology of representing letters as digits.

Successes in our lives, as well as failures, are believed to be driven by numbers as suggested by Numerology numbers. Numbers attached to our existence can describe features of character, provide insight on our lifespan. It happens that persons get visions of digits or alphabets while dreaming. Whatever relation particular number has to your existence, it can tell about concealed notions associated with it.

It is often practiced that Tarot Cards reading is introduced to complement Numerological research to gaze more into future. Generally, concepts behind such combined readings are 4 elementals: soil, water, flame and air. If any of mentioned is noted in the person’s dream or somehow else related to his or her life, specialist can determine what such vision signifies exactly. Each elemental is responsible for specific features and forthcoming projections. Implied features include morality, reasonableness, succession, idealism, passion, thoughtfulness, spirituality, tactician skill and others. Elementals in their turn are correlated with 12 constellation signs which even more precisely point at crucial traits, such as love compatibility, professional fulfillment and family matters.

Besides numeric readings, Numerology treats letters as well. For instance, a single digit can be derived from a person's full name by means of summing up numbers associated with each letter separately. Name numbers can be calculated using numerology name calculator software. Should the determined number have unfavorable downsides, it will be able to make corresponding negative influence through that person’s lifespan.